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Ask Hattie

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Your Ghost Host, Hattie McBride

Hattie was the victim of Coalmont's first murder.  The town was established in 1911, and she purchased land at the east end of Main Street in 1912, where she lived in a small cabin. She was a member of the world's oldest profession, and Madam Hattie was a wealthy woman at the time of her death in November, 1920.  She was found in the remains of her burned home, and there was no question that foul play was involved.   The police did not investigate her murder, despite ample evidence and suspects, simply because of her profession.  The residents of Coalmont were incensed, and a large number attended her funeral at the Granite Creek Cemetery to pay their respects.  Hattie's headstone, recently repaired by local Chris Goodfellow, is one of the most prestigious at the cemetery.   As a result of her murder, terrified Coalmont residents demanded, and received, their first police officer.

The remains of Hattie's house are buried under a pile of lumber on the north side of the east end of Main Street.  The place has an eerie feeling about it, and some dogs appear nervous in the vicinity.  It has been reported that on still summer evenings, a faint wisp of perfume is carried on the gentle breezes.  The sound of clicking heels can sometimes be heard travelling along the moonlit boardwalks in Coalmont.  During her lifetime, Hattie would have been privy to most of the town gossip and would have known the area and residents well.  We like to feel that her gentle spirit is still with us, and available to answer your questions about Coalmont and area, past or present.  You'll never know unless you ask !

Mrs. Hattie McBride (Video) by Montgomery Warren

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Mrs. Hattie McBride (Lyrics)

Mrs. Hattie McBride

Knew what it took to survive

In nineteen hundred and twelve

In Coalmont, she was their belle

Mrs. Hattie McBride 

She ran a business that thrived

She ran that business with pride

She was a popular gal

They bought what she had to sell

Mrs. Hattie McBride 

She knew the residents well

But Hattie would never tell

All of the secrets she knew

That's something she wouldn't do

Mrs. Hattie McBride 

In 1920, they say

Someone took her life one day

And burned her house to the ground

Inside, the body was found of

Mrs. Hattie McBride 

Suspects were more than a few

But the police wouldn't do

Anything much because she

Was just a floozy, you see

Mrs. Hattie McBride 

The townsfolk didn't agree

That they should treat her that way

There at the cemetery

Respect is what they all paid to

Mrs. Hattie McBride 

Some of the people here say

She never did go away

Sometimes, under the full moon

You can still smell the perfume of

Mrs. Hattie McBride 

E, F#, A, B, E, B7

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