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Pan for Gold - Tulameen River near Granite Creek, B.C.


Claim Map.jpg

The Stella Jay Claim

We are proud to announce that we have acquired a Placer Claim within easy walking distance of the Mozey-On-Inn (the red circle on the map above).  Guests will be allowed to Hand Pan along the banks of the Historic Tulameen River for Gold, Platinum, and Garnets within the boundaries of the Claim shown in yellow on the map.  All we ask is that you record the location you panned, the length of time you spent, what you found, and report your results to us, but you keep what you find!  This reporting process is required by the Mineral Titles Branch in order to maintain our Claim.

Out of respect for Private Property, you may only dig along the riverbanks, and please, don't litter.  No vehicles are allowed on the Dyke.

Web Stella Jay Claim.jpg

Easy Access

This large gravel bar is right at the base of the dyke (foreground) at the foot of Shatford Avenue, in the middle of the Stella Jay Claim.  As you can see, it is on the inside of a bend (the best place to find gold) and consists of everything from large boulders to river rock to fine sand that is replenished every year.  There is even a Spring Flood channel that comes out here, and you can find black sand everywhere.  We find colours in virtually every pan and this is the best place in this stretch of river to find small garnets. 

Gold 4x3.jpg

Equipment Available

Gold Panning Kits made by Garrett are available to borrow during your stay. The Kit consists of a 14" Prospector Pan, a 10" Backpacker Pan (great for kids), a Classifier (screen to separate out the larger rocks), 2 Gold Vials, Tweezers, and an Instruction Book. A $50.00 Refundable Deposit is required. If you plan on panning, please bring your own shovel. A 5 gallon plastic bucket is handy as well, and don't forget your rubber boots.  Other than in the heat of Summer, the water is COLD, so be prepared.  While you shouldn't expect results like in the pan above, you're sure to have fun.  Incidentally, the gold in the photo was recovered in 2012 at the Roany Creek Mine (a commercial operation), 800 ft. above the town of Granite Creek on an ancient channel.  It is proof there is still a lot of gold and platinum in the area.  The photo below, however, is gold that WAS recovered just above our claim, so there is a good chance you can achieve similar results.