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The Way We Were

FRED Web 1942.jpg

Our home in Coalmont, which is the office of the Mozey-On-Inn, was built in 1911. It was originally located beside its twin (burnt down in the 1960's), on the West side of Parrish Avenue, about a block North of its present location. They both served as Post Offices, and this is how they looked in the 1940's.  Photo courtesy Dave Brown.

Web Ice Cream Parlour 1930s.jpg

This is the earliest photo we have of our building.  It was used as an Ice Cream Parlour during the 1930s, complete with colourful awnings.  Photo courtesy Barry Cook.

FRED Web 1970.jpg

Our building was abandoned for many years. This is how it looked in 1970 before it was moved across the street and down the block. The Liquor Store, shown in this photo, is the back of the Meat Market which still stands across from the Coalmont Hotel.  Photo from the book "Gold Creeks and Ghost Towns" by N.L. Barlee.

Web FRED and Hotel.jpg

When we purchased our building, it had already been moved twice, and the lean-to at the back had been replaced by a third room. Here is how it looked in 2003, with the Coalmont Hotel in the background.

FRED Web Move.jpg

In order to install the Septic System, the building had to be moved again. This process, and the subsequent renovations, resulted in the building being christened "F.R.E.D." - for "Freakin' Ridiculous Economic Disaster".

FRED Web 2006.jpg

The second stage of our renovations was to build a 2-car Garage in 2006. By then we had decided to eventually "retire" to Coalmont.

Web Airplane.jpg

This airplane crashed at the Princeton Airport in 2006. We purchased the fuselage and fixed it up for kids to play in and on.
It's powered by our Beatty Windmill, and it's called The Flying Tigger (T-I-double G-RRRR).

Web Breaking Ground.jpg

Ground-Breaking for the Construction of the Mozey-On-Inn occurred on April 29, 2008.

Web Foundatiion_0.jpg

The foundation was completed by mid-May.

Web Framing_0.jpg

The framing was finished in early June.

Web Porch Roof_0.jpg

By the end of June, the roof was on, the doors and windows were installed, and the interior framing was complete.
We opened for business on Sept. 10, 2008.