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Frequently Asked Questions



Where can I buy food in Coalmont?

            Coalmont doesn’t have any stores or restaurants.  The Tulameen Trading Post (8 km west in Tulameen) sells some groceries, liquor and has a small restaurant.  Save-On-Foods (19 km east in Princeton) sells all types of groceries.  There are restaurants, fast food places and other stores in Princeton.


Where can I purchase gasoline?

            You can purchase gas at the Tulameen Trading Post (8 km west) or Princeton (19 km east). 


Where is the closest ATM machine?

            There is an ATM machine inside the Tulameen Trading Post.  It is accessible only when the Trading Post is open. You can call (250) 295-6478 to find out their hours.


Where can I go fishing?

            Lodestone Lake is an alpine lake, located about 20 km southwest of Coalmont. Access is via the Blakeburn FSR, past the Open Pit Coalmine. The last 5 km are accessible with four wheel drive only. Otter Lake in Tulameen (8 km west) is another popular fishing place.


Where can I go swimming?

            There is a nice, sandy beach about 3 km east along the KVR/Trans Canada Trail.  You can also swim at Otter Lake in Tulameen (8 km west).


What are some interesting places to explore in the Coalmont area?

            This area is steeped in history.  Ask us (Bob and Diane Sterne) if you have any questions. 

The Granite Creek Ghost Town is located by crossing the bridge (the bridge is at the foot of Bettes Avenue, one block east of Parrish Avenue) over the Tulameen River on the south side of Coalmont and turning left.  About one km later on a good gravel road, you will find the old townsite on a plateau overlooking Granite Creek.  The Granite Creek Cemetery is just up the hill and to the right of the Ghost Town.

Blakeburn is another interesting abandoned town site.  It is located by continuing to travel along the Forest Service Road past the Granite Creek Cemetery about 6 km.  At the “Y” in the road, take the left fork. The right fork leads to an active Open Pit Coalmine.

If you enjoy hiking or biking, you can follow the KVR/Trans Canada Trail either east or west for as long as you care to travel.  The trail is one block north of The Mozey-On-Inn.  

If you own a GPS, there are over 80 geocaches hidden within eight miles of Coalmont.  Caches we have hidden contain a short history lesson about the area.  A page of geocaches is supplied in our rooms.


Is the Coalmont Hotel open?

            The Coalmont Hotel is closed completely at this time, and the Food Cart is gone.  We will update this information if/when that changes.


Will my cell phone work in Coalmont?

            At the present time, cell phones do not work in Coalmont.  There was a pay telephone at the corner of Front St. and Parrish, Ave., and we are negotiating with Telus to have it replaced.  Guests staying at the Mozey-On-Inn are welcome to borrow our portable telephone to use in their room for short phone calls within Canada. 


Does the Mozey-On-Inn have Wi-Fi?

            Yes, we have free wireless internet access.  Please request your password upon check-in.


Can I purchase a Gift Certificate for accomodation at the Mozey-On-Inn?

            Yes, you may purchase a gift certificate using your Credit Card by calling (250) 295-4355 or by mailing us a cheque or money order.  Email Diane Sterne for details.


Are there bears in the area?

            Black bears are occasionally seen in the Coalmont area.  It is important not to leave food (sealed or unsealed) or empty food containers outside.  Never approach a bear or cubs and NEVER run away from a bear (back away only).  We recommend bear spray and/or bear bangers if you are venturing into the bush.  It is safest never to travel alone. 


Are there cougars in the area?

            Very rarely a cougar will be spotted.  They are EXTREMELY dangerous!  NEVER run from a cougar.  Grab sticks or something to make yourself appear larger, speak in a loud, low pitched voice, stare the cougar in the eye and back away.  Please let us know if you have spotted a cougar and its location.


What other wildlife is in the area?

            Deer are plentiful.  You may also spot:  moose, marmots, beaver, hawks, grouse, steller's jays, woodpeckers, ducks, geese, humming birds, grey jays (whisky jacks), ravens, rabbits, porcupines, squirrels, chipmunks, pack rats, and many others.  Never leave keys or shiny objects unattended, as pack rats are quick and stealthy thieves. 


Can I go through Tulameen to Merritt?

            There is a road through the Otter Valley to Aspen Grove.  It is paved to the north end of Otter Lake (8 km) then about 28 km of good gravel to where the Brookmere Rd. turns off.  From that point, the road is paved again, and it is 12 km. to the junction with Hwy. 5A.


Can I take the Coquihalla to get to the Mozey-On-Inn?

            Yes, but unless you go through Merritt, all routes are gravel.  You can take the Coquihalla Lakes exit and take the Tulameen River FSR, then the Lawless-Briton FSR, and then the Lawless Creek FSR to Tulameen, or you can take the Coldwater exit and the Brookmere FSR to connect to the Coalmont Road through Otter Valley.  Neither route is well marked, and if you travel them, we suggest you use the “Backroad Mapbook  - Kamloops/Okanagan” as your guide.


Where is the closest medical care?

            There is a hospital Emergency Room and Ambulance service in Princeton.   


Is there camping nearby?

            The Granite Creek Rec. Site is a popular camping destination located on the Tulameen River at the mouth of Granite Creek.  It does not have electrical hookups and the washrooms are outhouses.  For more information, or to reserve a site please call Ernie Rice at (250) 295-8659.  To find the campground, cross the Coalmont bridge at the foot of  Bettes Avenue (one block east of Parrish).  Turn left.  At approximately 1 km., the road forms  a “Y”.  Take the left fork of the “Y” and follow this road a short distance across the Granite Creek bridge.  The campground is to your left after you cross this bridge.